See your Emotional Health with the revolutionary AuraFit System

“It’s our mission to empower you to see your inner feelings and understand your true nature. Learn to strengthen yourself emotionally and mentally to live life to the fullest.”

Bettina Bernoth Ph.D. – Founder & CEO of AuraFit

Level up your life with an affordable, high quality and high tech tool of seeing your Emotional Health anywhere, anytime

Get your own LIVE Aura Video System

See your Aura & Chakra Energy in real-time

To see your colorful Aura with the AuraFit app is almost magical. With the help of modern technology we can show you your Aura, Chakras and live Graph pages displayed in real-time.

Check your Aura & Chakra Energy anywhere

See your Aura and Chakras LIVE anywhere, anytime. You can check your Aura while doing yoga, meditating, running, hiking, doing sports or while in-flight - even without an Internet connection.

Share a 15-page Report with your clients & friends

PRINT or SHARE the individual 15-page Report as part of your Aura-Reading Service to your client and you can always record any session to review later.

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The AuraFit System

works on Android & Apple devices

Works with the AuraFit Smartwatch or the Apple Watch


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