Learn about the AURA & CHAKRAS

What is the Aura?

The Aura is the invisible energy field that surrounds all living things. The Aura emanates out of the Chakras (Sanskrit word for wheels), which are the mayor energy points in the body.
The different colors of the Aura provide insight into the personality and your emotional and spiritual awareness. 

The Aura consists of seven auric layers (also known as bodies or planes), and each one represents something different. Think of them like the layers of the onion, with the middle being your physical body. Knowing which colors correspond to which chakra will help you interpret an Aura photo.

What can an Aura Photo tell you?

Let’s imaging your 4th and 5th chakra are the strongest while the other chakras might be a smaller size. This means your Energy awareness is around your middle section of the body, around your heart and throat and so your Aura Photo will show blue-green colors. This means you are very sensitive and creative but also a great communicator and currently relaxed (if the Aura size looks big). If your 1st and 7th chakra is smaller you are not very physically active at the moment nor are you in a spiritual mind but might be more inclined to write or talking energy.

The AuraFit System automatically provides a 15-page Report explaining the individual Aura Photo and Colors. It is possible to share the Report via Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, Dropbox and other popular services, as well as being able to print everything.

With your purchase of a full system, you’ll get a 50-page Training pdf, which was carefully written to understand the Aura and the meaning of the Colors and their connection to the Chakras.

FYI: With the AuraFit App, which is called iTrain on purpose, you’ll be able to see your Aura field & Chakra Power and train yourself with the power of your thoughts and emotions to raise and balance your Energy.


RED Physical, energetic, competitive, strong leader, achiever, winner, courage, willpower, sexual energy, entrepreneur, promoter

ORANGE Pleasure, enjoyment, challenge, thrill, positive, action oriented, productive, physical and creative expression, adventurer, good business energy

YELLOW Playful, sunny, creative, fun, leaming, entertainer, optimistic, warm, charming and generous, easy going, easy going, intellectual, curious, good with Computer

GREEN Social, nature, content, harmony, teacher, loves to communicate and share with others, most social type, perfect host or hostess

DEEP-GREEN Quick minded, goal-oriented, often very wealthy, communicative, loves luxury, responsible, organized, ambitious planer, tend to be too materialistic

TURQUOISE Intuitive, creative, caring, sensitive, loving, loyal, compassion, peaceful, desire to help and support others

BLUE Caring, sensitive, loving, loyal, compassion, peaceful, desire to help and support others, nurturing but often too shy & introverted

INDIGO Calm, deep inner feelings, seeker, introverted, inner knowing, authenticity, high sense of inner values, artistic

VIOLET Intuitive, idealistic, magical, sensual, theorist, futuristic, visionary, charismatic, non-conformist, innovative inventor

LAVENDER Imagination, mystical, daydreamer, fantasy, soft, creative, etheric, fragile, sensitive, often appear spacy, unrealistic

WHITE Transcendent, transformation, healing, quiet, sensitive, lives in higher dimensions, strong spiritual connection

Basic Chakra knowledge

Samples of the AuraFit System’s Chakra pages (left image: Android App – middle & right image: Apple App)

How to unblock the Chakras​

Know which chakra is blocked

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Methods and items to unblock the Chakra

Practice stretching or do breathing techniques, envision the color red, walk barefoot outdoors 

Practice breathing techniques, eat more orange food and drink lots of water, soak up some sun, dance

Practice yoga (solar plexus poses), meditate, use citrine crystals or take yellow baths

Wear rose quartz, practice Reiki, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water, wear green clothes

Wear Lapus Lazuli, practice yoga, get a cranial massage, practice Reiki, eat blueberries

Third eye
Use amethysts, meditate, eat some dark chocolate to fix low blood sugar, relax by stars gazing

Wear clear quartz, practice yoga inversions, use mantras, meditate, practice singing or go dancing